Fondazione Paracelso was created in 2004, when a fund was set up in support of the haemophiliacs who had contracted HIV in the 1980s through the drugs they needed for treatment. Hundreds of people joined in the initiative, including people with the disorder and family members of those who had died in the intervening decades.

Fondazione Paracelso is dedicated to all those who believed in the project and in this notion of solidarity.

It is a connecting link between clinical and social worlds, requested by the patients for the patients in the knowledge that the person's wellbeing requires more than just treating the illness.
The reproductive care for serodiscordant couples program and the work we do with the orthopedic surgery team at the Policlinico general hospital in Milan represent the practical application of this concept.

Fondazione Paracelso develops, funds, supports and implements scientific projects for hemophilia and hereditary clotting deficiencies.

Fondazione Paracelso carries out humanitarian aid in World and in Italy consistent with its ethical values and its social mission, recognising their importance for increasing public understanding of the condition.


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